I have my oils, now what?

1. Schedule your wellness Consult - This is done yearly by your enroller or upline. The goal is to identify your wellness goals and how to use the oils you have on hand. 

2. If you're on FB please join our groups for up to date info and oil Education:

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Education for Everyone

3. Request our complimentary Continuing Education Email Series

4. Download & Print our Member Checklist to get the most out of your Membership!

How do I place an order?

Lon in to your account by going to www.doterra.com 

You will need your ID # and password. 

The smartest way to purchase oils is through the Loyalty Rewards Program.

After a year of committing to your health through this monthly subscription not only will you notice changes in your health but you will be earning your products & oils at a 55% savings. 

You only have to order 1 product per month to stay in the club and it can be canceled at anytime. We offer a monthly appreciation giveaway for LRP members, check out the winners!!

Here is my favorite 2min video to explain the program: https://youtu.be/UncRbfW3sWA

how to speak doterra

doTERRA = Gift of the Earth 

CPTG = Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

WC = Wholesale Customer

WA = Wellness Advocate

POM - Product of the Month

PV = Point Value

OV = Overall Volume 

LRP = Loyalty Rewards Program 

LLV = Life Long Vitality 

ATT = AromaTouch Technique

How do I contact doTERRA?

Call: 1-800-411-8151

or when you log in to your account you can also Live Chat with them 


Where can I purchase Oil Tools & Accessories?

My favorite site is Your Oil Tools 

Other Resources:


Oil Life

How do I share doTERRA with my Friends and Family?

Once you experience doTERRA Oils and the positive effects they have on your mind & body its REALLY hard to not share!! 

You can share and even earn doTERRA dollars to cash in for Free product or you can take another step and Build a part time home business, supplementing or replacing your income.

FMI refer to Essential Oils Business