Oil Class Schedule

Designed with You in Mind



Simply tune in Live to our FB groups for an interactive and educational 20 min Every Wednesday @ 8pm ET

Team Power Hour! 

This is a space to learn skills, set goals & ask your Questions!!!!

Consider this team support for you and your business goals: be them small (oils paid for) or Great (work from business).....

Wherever you are at we want you on this call for learning, accountability and to build upon what you already know! 💜

Register: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAudeqqrT0jHNUNXcmQVjvvE4-pKkr2fq_0

Calm, Harmony & Immunity Study

What: 7 day study where you use specific oils, learn other tools for stress/anxiety relief, hear from Experts in their field.

Study: There is a short Pre-survey and Post Survey that will need to be filled out. This will measure your results so you know whats working.

When: August 20th - August 27th

Where: This FB Group


Current members (you) are asked to bring at least 3 people to study. I'm sure that at least 3 people in your life could benefit from 7 days of experiencing oils and learning tools to bring them more Calm and Harmony.

They can simply be in the group and observe or to get the BEST experience and qualify to win prizes they will need to participate in the study meaning they will need oils. If you are not able to provide them with oils please simply share the google form with them (in comments) So I can get them their oils for the Study!

Prizes: Over $250 in Prizes will be given to those who play full out with the study: Attend group, fill out surveys, watch classes live or replay.

Goal: Experience a difference in your stress level, anxiety level, better sleep more CALM in yourself and your HOME. Take these tools after the 7 days and integrate them into your daily life.



Oil Workshops

Join us for oil education, DIY, Recipes, Recognition &  Togetherness! 

Until Further notice ALL Team Workshops will be online via ZOOM

Register & See Topics by Clicking on the Month:






Wellness Consult Wednesday

Last Wednesday of each Month. For new members and seasoned oilers alike! 

We will be exploring the Live Guide and discovering how the doTERRA lifestyle pyramid can assist us in identifying areas of our wellness that may need support. You will also learn more about your doTERRA membership and how to best use it.

Register: https://bit.ly/wellnessconsultwednesday