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How Our Oil Journey Began....

8 years ago a friend showed up to my house and said 

“You have to try these oils!” Sound familiar?

She then began looking up health challenges that she knew me and my family were living (unsuccessfully) with. I thought she had lost it…..I knew about oils. As a massage therapist I had used them for aromatherapy massage which were nice but not as exciting as she was making them out be.

Once she found the oils we needed, she poured them into the tiniest little bottles i'd ever seen. She told me to put them on my feet, wrist, neck. Some of them I was suppose to drink…others just inhale. She said, “These oils are different from anything you’ve ever experienced, they are SO pure and potent! They will help you with your health challenges!”

I liked the idea of something natural, something that would work. I liked the feeling of Hope I had.

I followed the directions and used the oils consistently the way I was directed. I was amazed. After a few short days, my digestion improved greatly. My mood improved. I had mental clarity. In a few months, with the supervision of a doctor I was able to transition my Dad off of 3 medications that all side effects.

We had to share our story when we ran into people in the same boat we had been in.

I set up my account and became a doTERRA member. Then my mom, Charlene did. Then my dad, Paul did. All of our friends and family decided to start using oils too. Some have chosen the path of also educating and truly helping others.

Starla joined doTERRA shortly after we did and is an incredible educator and supporter to the team. We collaborate on all team workshops and opportunities you see.  On behalf of the whole Oil Fam, we welcome You!!

Be Well!! Bethany, Charlene & Paul



Keeping you Connected


In your consult we will identify Essential Oils to meet your wellness needs. Oils will be chosen Based on experience and literature and scientific study.

Contact me or your enroller to set up your consult. This should done yearly. ​

90 seconds is the average time it takes to shifts ones mood and interrupt stress utilizing Pure Essential Oils. 

Having oils at your finger tips that can be used as a solution for literally anything that might arise in your day is an absolute blessing. 

Discover my favorite kits, that save you more:  http://bit.ly/BethanyRackliff


Book me to speak on the power of plant oils at your community event, support group, or  workplace lunch and learn. Contact me.

Ready to help others Create Peace with Pure Essential Oils? Get Started!



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