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Loyalty Rewards *Bonus* Program

We like to reward members of our team each and every month for being a LRP Customer!

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Place a 100pv LRP order and your name goes in the drawing for 1 of 4 $25 Gift Certificates to
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April Winners

Deborah C.
Amanda L. 
Muffy L. 
Carolyn M.

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May Winners

Lynn R.
Teresa Z.
Sandra P. 
Kathleen W.


June Winners

Leah F. 
Nicole S. 
Beth L.
Victoria D.

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July Winners

Jill W. 
JoEllen S. 
Lisa B. 
Janelle D.

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August Winners

Louisa V.
Barbara B.
Angi C.
Lynette M.


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Wellness Consult

In your consult we will identify Essential Oils to meet your wellness needs. Oils will be chosen Based on experience and literature and scientific study.

Contact me or your enroller to set up your consult. This should done yearly. ​

90 seconds is the average time it takes to shifts ones mood and interrupt stress utilizing Pure Essential Oils. 

Having oils at your finger tips that can be used as a solution for literally anything that might arise in your day is an absolute blessing. 

Check the Education Tab to plug in to weekly events. 

Discover my favorite kits, that save you more:  http://bit.ly/BethanyRackliff

Start or re-start your doTErra business

Did you know that by simply sharing the healing benefits of oils with outs that you could have your oils paid for?

Its true! join me and many others in our mission to help people and earn free oils!! 

Ready to help others Create Peace with Pure Essential Oils? Get Started!

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